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After two years of demo programming we started to create a game for the Amiga. It was entirely written in 68k macro assembly. The player controls a 3D pre-rendered robot in a labyrinth of a space station. The building blocks of the space station can be restructured.

Source code was divided into engine and gameplay parts.



ADF Images

ADF image of Stalker version 0.64.

Engine source

cia.device.i  cia.device.s   copper.device.i  copper.device.s   custom.device.i  custom.device.s   gameport.device.i  gameport.device.s   interrupt.device.i  interrupt.device.s   keyboard.device.i  keyboard.device.s   memory.device.i  memory.device.s   trackdisk.device.i  trackdisk.device.s  

dos.library.i  dos.library.s   exec.library.i  exec.library.s   font.library.i  font.library.s   intuition.library.i  intuition.library.s   sound.library.i  sound.library.s   sprite.library.i  sprite.library.s  

readysystem_fast.i  readysystem_fast.s   readysystem_work.i  readysystem_work.s   run500.i   run1200.i  

Game source




Title screen.

Ingame screens.