Punk József - Works - Ghost Castle for Sinclair ZX Spectrum



Ghost Castle was my first "real" game. I developed it in 1986-1987 when I was 14. It was fully written in assemby language without an assembler. I had a table of Z-80 assembly instructions which was used to convert the assembly language mnemonics to opcode numbers. These numbers were entered into BASIC data lines and a FOR loop read these data and POKE-d into memory. When the new code unfortunatelly crashed I had to reload the latest working version that took about 5 minutes. Music and some images are ripped from other games/demos.

A few years later I created an interface for my Amiga to load Spectrum tapes and created a Z-80 disassembler to generate the assembly source of this game.



Assembly source code of Ghost Castle.

Ghost Castle in TAP format.

Ghost Castle in SNA format.

Spectaculator for Windows, a free Spectrum emulator.



Loading screen

Game screens